Mary Orwen (b. 1913, New York City; d. 2005, Rochester, NY) earned her BA from Mount Holyoke College, in South Hadley, MA in 1935, later studying at the Art Student’s League, the New School, and in Florence between 1935–1937. Prior to moving to Washington, she worked under Hilda Rebay at the Guggenheim.

In 1949, she was a painting contest winner organized by the Whyte Gallery, earning a solo exhibition at the Dupont Theater. In the years preceding becoming a founding member of The Jefferson Place Gallery, she exhibited regularly with the Society of Washington Artists, Franz Bader, and in the Watkins Gallery at American University. By the mid 1960s, she moved to West Virginia, leaving behind both Washington and the gallery.

Solo Exhibitions
1957—Nov. 12—Dec. 7
1959—Oct. 13—31
1967—March 6—25

Group Exhibitions
1957—First Group Show, Oct. 10—Nov. 9
1957—Christmas Show, Dec. 9—Jan4, 1958
1958—The Group +2, May 20—June 17
1958—12 Washington Artists, University of Kentucky, Oct. 19—Nov. 16
1958—Christmas Show, Nov. 25—Dec. 31
1959—Member’s Show, April 21—May 2
1959—Approaches to Contemporary Painting, Sept. 22—Oct. 10
1959—Christmas Show, Dec. 15—Jan. 2
1960—End of Year Review, May 17—June 11
1960—Art from America’s Cities, Sept 20—Oct. 15
1960—Christmas Show, Dec. 13—Jan 7, 1961
1961—Winter ’61, Twentieth Century Gallery, Williamsburg, VA, Jan 9—Feb. 17
1961—Review and Preview, May 22—June 4
1961—The Year Ahead, Oct. 3—Nov. 4
1961—Paper Show, Dec. 5—Jan. 5, 1962
1962—Small Paintings and Sculpture, Jan. 7–27
1962—Group Show, Oct. 2—20

Artist Mary Orwen
Jefferson Place Gallery Catalog, 1959 [ #6 ]

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Orwen’s Gardens
Orwen’s Gardens
June 13, 2024
The Washington Star
The tapestries—of brilliant greens, blues, reds—are all different due to the varying application of paint (in strokes, globs, drips, etc.). All are beautiful and covetable work.
Jefferson Gallery
Jefferson Gallery
June 13, 2024
The Washington Star
The new Jefferson Place Gallery, 1216 Connecticut avenue NW, is a beautiful place to display work to the best advantage.
Jefferson Gallery
Jefferson Gallery
June 13, 2024
The Washington Star
The inaugural group show remains through this week, to be followed by one-artist shows by each of the 11 painters and sculptors to whom the gallery is dedicated.