More than a hundred artists exhibited at the Jefferson Place Gallery, and we’ve been able to begin compiling archival materials on only a handful. The artists who owned the cooperative Jefferson Place Gallery are as diverse as they were influential, and we hope you’ll enjoy exploring their lives and work. 

Sam Gilliam by Carol Harrison
(C) Carol Harrison [ #160 ]
Sam Gilliam
Rockne Krebs with "Sculpture Minus Object," 1968
Image courtesy © Estate of Rockne Krebs
Rockne Krebs
Artist Ben Summerford
Jefferson Place Gallery Catalog, 1959 [ #2 ]
Ben “Joe” Summerford
Photograph of artist Benjamin Abramowitz
Courtesy Susan Rosenbaum [ #148 ]
Benjamin Abramowitz
Alice Denney, 1959
Photo from Washington Star, used by permission DC Public Library [ #124 ]
Alice Denney
Artist Robert Gates
Jefferson Place Gallery Catalog, 1959 [ #7 ]
Robert F. Gates
Artist George Bayliss
University of Michigan News and Information Services, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan [ #179 ]
George Bayliss
Artist Helene McKinsey
Jefferson Place Gallery Catalog, 1959 [ #3 ]
Helene McKinsey Herzbrun
Photograph of Foam Works, by Ed Zerne, installed on the outside of the Jefferson Place Gallery
Courtesy Lydia Zerne [ #145 ]
Nesta Dorrance
Photo of artist Colin Greenly, 1962
Archive of Colin Greenly [ #139 ]
Colin Greenly
Artist Lothar Brabanski
Jefferson Place Gallery Catalog, 1959 [ #5 ]
Lothar Brabanski
Willem de Looper
Courtesy Frauke de Looper [#214]
Willem De Looper
Artist Frederic Thursz
Lucille C. Little Fine Arts Library, University of Kentucky Libraries [ #206 ]
Frederic Thursz
Carol Harrison photographing Sam Gilliam with Olivia Grady in foreground
Photo by Steve Frietch, used with permission of Carol Harrison [ #123 ]
Carol Harrison
Jack Tworkov on his front porch, Provincetown, MA
Photo: Marvin Lazarus © Estate of Jack Tworkov / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY. Courtesy Alexander Gray Associates, New York. [ #193 ]
Jack Tworkov
Portrait of artist William Calfee with his sculpture, Summer, 1963
Courtesy William H. Calfee Foundation [ #125 ]
William H. Calfee
Lotus, Kenneth Noland, 1962
Used by permission Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden; all rights reserved. [#254]
Kenneth Noland
Portrait of artist Robert D'Arista
Image courtesy Jane D'Arista [ #137 ]
Robert D’Arista
Artist John Wise, mid-1970's
Photo by Harriet Wise. Courtesy John Wise. [#256]
John P. Wise
Artist Gene Davis
Jefferson Place Gallery Catalog, 1959 [ #178 ]
Gene Davis
Artist William Eggleston
(C) Carol Harrison [ #188 ]
William Eggleston
Artist Hilda Shapiro
Jefferson Place Gallery Catalog, 1959 [ #4 ]
Hilda Shapiro Thorpe
Photograph of artist Jacob Kainen by Paul Feinberg, 1979
Courtesy Hemphill Gallery [ #151 ]
Jacob Kainen
Artist Mary Orwen
Jefferson Place Gallery Catalog, 1959 [ #6 ]
Mary Orwen
Susanna by Leonard Maurer
Courtesy American University [ #21 ]
Leonard Maurer
Artist Toko Shinoda
Washington Star, 1958, Courtesy DC Public Library [ #174 ]
Toko Shinoda
Artist Howard Mehring
John Anderson confirm [ #187 ]
Howard Mehring
Photograph of artist William Christenberry (seated in front of "Moundville," oil on canvas, 1959)
Courtesy Hemphill Gallery [ #150 ]
William Christenberry
Lambic Time, Thomas Downing, 1962
Courtesy Ramon Osuna [ #203 ]
Thomas Downing
Artist Shelby Shackleford
Jefferson Place Gallery Catalog, 1959 [ #8 ]
Shelby Shackleford
Portrait of Steven L Spurlock by E. Brady Robinson
Image courtesy Steven L Spurlock [#301]
Steven L. Spurlock
Walter Hopps by Mary Swift
Image courtesy Paul Richard [#300]
Walter Hopps
Portrait of Paul Haldemann, 2009
Provided by Mr. Haldemann [#299]
Paul Haldemann