Howard Mehring (1931 – 1978) studied art at Catholic University of America, where he met Kenneth Noland, then an instructor, and Thomas Downing. The two were soon to be associated with Mehring as members of the Washington Color School.

After earning his MFA in 1955, Mehring taught in area schools but continued to paint, experimenting with materials such as the fast-drying new acrylics in order to find a personal direction in his art. In 1959 he exhibited his lyrical abstractions at Origo, the Washington cooperative gallery he helped found, but it was the 1960 show at Jefferson Place Gallery, where the public first saw his striking all-over stippled abstractions, that confirmed his talent. The influential New York critic Clement Greenberg’s inclusion of Mehring in the seminal 1964 “Post-Painterly Abstraction” brought him greater renown.

In the last years of his active career, Mehring turned entirely to drawing. These lyrical, expressive works are not studies for paintings but are meant to stand alone, although taken as a whole, they reveal Mehring’s fascination with certain forms such as stars. Since his untimely death, critical reevaluation of Mehring’s work has led to his being regarded as an innovator and one of the most important figures in the Washington Color School.

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Solo Exhibitions
1960—Oct. 18—Nov. 12
1962—Oct. 23—Nov. 3
1965—Paintings from 1961—1962, Nov. 16—Dec. 4
1969—Paintings from 1957—1959, Nov. 4—22
1970—Sept. 18—Oct. 3
1971—Seven Paintings from 1961—1962, Nov. 16—Dec. 4

Group Exhibitions
1960—Art from America’s Cities, Sept 20—Oct. 15
1960—Christmas Show, Dec. 13—Jan 7, 1961
1961—Winter ’61, Twentieth Century Gallery, Williamsburg, VA, Jan 9—Feb. 17
1961—Review and Preview, May 22—June 4
1961—The Year Ahead, Oct. 3—Nov. 4
1961—Carnegie International, Pittsburgh, PA, October 27—Jan 7, 1962
1961—Paper Show, Dec. 5—Jan. 5, 1962
1962—Small Paintings and Sculpture, Jan. 7–27
1962—Group Show, Oct. 2—20
1968—Jefferson Place Ten Years, July 16–Aug. 7

Artist Howard Mehring
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In the Galleries: Mehring
In the Galleries: Mehring
September 25, 2023
Washington Star
[I]t should be noted that his use of three and sometimes four dominant colors cannot but make it more difficult for the homemaker to match his work to her drapes or upholstery than it was when he used but one.
In the Galleries: Mehring
In the Galleries: Mehring
September 25, 2023
Washington Star
Howard Mehring is having a whole show of his combination paintings and assemblages at the Jefferson Place. As reported here recently, Mr. Mehring now paints as if he were using his former overall paintings as raw material for new assemblages.